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Relaunch of Winona Online Democracy

Back in the early days of E-Democracy.Org, we partnered with some folks in Winona, Minnesota to help set up the first Local Issues Forum in our network, outside of the Twin Cities (Minnesota). While, the folks of Winona Online Democracy did not always get the attention that our larger forums did in St. Paul and […]


My first encounter with TwitterMania, was at eDemocracy Camp, back in March. Since them, I’ve been slowly testing the waters and trying to figure out what this goofy tool is all about and whether or not its of any use to me – or to E-Democracy.Org. It wasn’t until I attended a Twitter Workshop at […]

“Best of” Local Issues Forum Topics

I quickly compiled this list of interesting topics, appearing in the various E-Democracy.Org forums. Thought I would share it here. These are all recent topics, that have been active on our site in the last 1-2 weeks. Check to see if we have a Local Issues Forum in your area. Click here, for Latest Topics […]

2008 Conference on Online Deliberation

A couple of years ago, I attended the Second (2005) Conference on Online Deliberation: Design, Research, and Practice at Standford University. Of all the conferences I’ve been to in the last few years, this was the most academic of them all – and I loved it. I really enjoyed the mix of academic papers and […]

State of the City

These video statements were collected by St. Paul E-Democracy volunteers, at the Rondo Community Outreach Library, as part of their State of the City collaboration with the Mayor’s office. An online Issues Forum is about more than the technology necessary to host an online discussion. A successful E-Democracy.Org Issues Forum is based upon local volunteers […]

Rural Voices – Placeblogging

Our work on our “Online Rural Voices” initiative is underway. Phase one, is identifying community blogs, citizen journalism projects, and other online citizen media projects in Greater Minnesota. If you live in Greater Minnesota, we invite you to fill out our SHORT SURVEY. We’re using this survey to gather some data about how people in […]

Online Consultation and Public Policy Making

E-Democracy.Org Program Director, Tim Erickson (that’s me), is the lunch time speaker at a symposia in Columbus, Ohio today. We’ve received late notice that the symposia will be streamed live over the internet. For more info.

E-Democracy: Las Vegas Style

Just over two weeks ago, E-Democracy.Org launched our latest project in Las Vegas, New Mexico. The Las Vegas Issues Forum launched with just over 70 participants on February 23rd. The Las Vegas Issues Forum is being managed by Bob Wallace and Julie Olague, who became the first people to launch a local Issues Forum in […]

2007 Accomplishments

Now that we’ve firmly established ourselves in the new year, it seems appropriate to look back at what we’ve accomplished over the last year. 2007 was a really big year for E-Democracy.Org, with lots of exciting developments. Expansion: 1000 New Participants: Over the course of the last year, participation in our core group of forums […]

Two New Neighbourhood Forums in Oxford, UK

(Photo found on, taken by ‘Travelling Steve’) Over the next couple of days, two new neighbourhood forums will be launching in the UK as part of the E-Democracy.Org network, bringing the total size of our network to 13 forums, spread across the UK, USA, and New Zealand. These new neighbourhood forums are excellent examples […]


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