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Monthly Archive September, 2011

Build Awesome Local Communities Online, Avoid the Shiny Object – Video Interview and Highlights from Aspen Institute FOCAS 2011

The other month I had the honor to participate at the Aspen Institute’s Forum on Communication and Society. One morning they stuck me in front of the camera … Steven Clift: When you roll up your sleeves you can shape democracy from Knight Foundation on Vimeo. Some of my comments were mixed into this great […]

Where there is smoke there is noise … Neighbors and Online Civic Engagement

Here is a secret – politicians don’t really care about opinions expressed online … that is unless they are from their actual voters. Then watch out, because then you will see real democratic change in action. As we’ve added neighborhood level engagement with “community life” exchange to our classic city-wide online town halls, we’ve seen […]

Open Feedback – How are the new rules working for you?

In May 2011 our updated forum rules went into effect. How are they working for you so far? While have not had one complaint about a new rule or rule change, we’d like hear of any. Also, there are the rules and there is implementation of these rules by our volunteer forum managers. If you […]


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