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Monthly Archive July, 2012

Door to Door to Build Neighbors Online

  Here is a great post from one of our Online Neighbors Forums Outreach Team members:   From: Dan Gordon-E-Democracy Summer Outreach Team 2012 Date: Jul 25 23:31 CDT Hi folks- In case you haven’t heard, E-Democracy has a summer team going door-to-door in Dayton’s Bluff this week and helping people get signed up for this forum. Between […]

The People Making Community Engagement Online Work

We’ve spoken a lot in the past about the crucial role our 30+ volunteer Forum Managers play neighborhood by neighborhood, community by community. Now that we have some serious grant resources from the Knight Foundation, we’ve been investing strategically in how to support those volunteers with the kind of inclusive outreach that from our experience […]

Great Outreach Highlights and Pictures via Our Facebook Page

  Outreach Team member, Dan Gordon, is our “embedded reporter” with our outreach team in the field. We are working up a highlight blog post, but until then I encourage our blog readers to check out our Facebook Page. We took a risk with our scarce resources and decided to try door to door this […]

Why Not Just Use Facebook? – Top Ten Reasons Facebook (Alone) Doesn’t Cut It for Neighbors Online

This is a public DRAFT blog post … actually probably three blog posts. Fire away in the comments. In the last year we’ve had two neighborhoods with Facebook Groups invite us in, while in others a new generation of folks are grabbing the free latest tool (Facebook Groups) and not fully evaluating its limitations. This […]


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