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Monthly Archive August, 2012

Sunshine 2.0 – Top Ten Indicators of Local Government Support for Democracy Online Released, Aspen Institute’s FOCAS 12 Conference

(Skip the fluff … See page 8 in the full draft for the table with all the details, check out this one page handout, or read on below for context and a summary.)   Drum roll please.  The moment you’ve been waiting for … or more likely forgot was coming. 🙂 Awhile back I (Steven Clift) led […]

Top Six Tips for Networking Neighbors Online

On the first Tuesday of August, ten of thousands of neighbors will gather block by block across St. Paul and Minneapolis and around the United States as part of National Night Out, Nite to Unite, and other similar events. Crime prevention is the name, but in our view community building is the game. To leverage […]


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