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Monthly Archive April, 2013

“Inclusive” Civic Engagement in the Digital Age – Questions to Spark Debate on an Important Pew Internet Report

Discuss report on Twitter #pewCivic  – Discuss report on Facebook Discuss report on LinkedIn – Join E-Democracy’s Project Group Follow-up Analysis and Round table meetings   The new must-read Civic Engagement in the Digital Age study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project makes it clear to me: Those who already show up in political life […]

Community Outreach Team 2013 – Exciting Summer Work in St. Paul – Deadline May 8

Join our 2013 “BeNeighbors” Community Outreach Team! – APPLY BY MAY 8! We are deepening our Knight grant-funded inclusion campaign to grow our St. Paul forums with the greatest diversity possible to over 10,000 members. We’re also planning fundraising to include Minneapolis and other communities in future years. Do you care passionately about building inclusive community? […]


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