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Monthly Archive May, 2013

Small Town 2.0 Matters

I am the result of a childhood influenced by Mr. Rogers and Dr. Seuss. Many of us are. I learned and remember the lessons they taught. The wonderful Dr. Seuss had said, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot. Nothing it’s going to get better. It’s not.” And Mr. Rogers noted, “Look for […]

Hmong American Day…And let us know about your upcoming Twin Cities events!

  This past Sunday members of the E-Democracy Team spent the day tabling and doing outreach at the Hmong American Day event at the Lao Family Community Center in St. Paul. The first part of the day was a memorial service and program dedicated to the Hmong cultural history and the secret war in Laos. […]

Transparency Camp 2013: How do we create inclusive community building?

I had never heard of the term “civic hacking” before this past weekend. I had always considered “hackers” to be those breaking into things on the Internet. I had never considered that civic hackers are just individuals who help make this country’s democracy more open and more impactful. As a new member of the E-Democracy […]


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