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Monthly Archive July, 2013

E-Democracy Executive Director Honored As White House Champion of Change

E-Democracy is thrilled to announce that Steven Clift, Founder and Executive Director, was honored Tuesday, July 23 as a White House Champion of Change for Transformative Civic Engagement. The event was live streamed at Extended details and video. The White House Champion of Change for Transformative Civic Engagement award recognized 15 local leaders across […]

White House Champion of Change – Open Communities, New Voices: Let’s Be Neighbors

Below is a copy of the blog post I submitted to the White House Champions of Change site. More:  Bio on White House Website Official White House Champions Blog Post Local Press Release – E-Democracy leader Steven Clift honored as White House Champion of Change Press Release – Official White House Champion of Change Announcement […]

Meet our BeNeighbors Outreach and Engagement Team Members – St. Paul’s 2013 Dream Team for Community Building

By Cirien Saadeh and Steven Clift Coming to a St. Paul neighborhood near you! Many of you joined E-Democracy because one of our summer staffers knocked on your door, and in the true spirit of inclusive community building, invited you to join the E-Democracy forums. Going door-to-door in St. Paul has been a major […]

Innovating with Inclusive Civic Technology – Open Twin Cities Proposal, New Voices and Digital Engagement Gathering

The other month we summarized with some “Clift’s Notes” the Civic Engagement in the Digital Age report from the highly respected Pew Internet and American Life Project. Despite all of the potential for the Internet to raise new and less represented voices, in aggregate it is not yet closing the democratic divide. If left to […]


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