Minnesota Gubernatorial E-Debate Announced – Our call for volunteers, questions, and supporters

E-Debates are back. Election links are expanding.

In this message …

1. Suggest Debate Questions
2. Voters Voices
3. Volunteers
4. E-Debate Supporters
5. Local Candidate and other Election Links

E-Democracy.Org and media partners, with the support of the Blandin Foundation, are putting together an online debate among Minnesota’s candidates for Governor:

http://e-democracy.org/mnelections – Link/blog here.

As we confirm the details for this October’s online event, we need your help today:

1. Suggest Debate Questions – Send them in by September 29:


In addition to general interest topics, a special section of the debate will focus on Internet/broadband-related issues.

2. Voters Voices – Your Election/Debate-related Content

With volunteer help, we will be promoting awareness of citizen- generated content – video, audio, pictures, text – about the election. Ever heard of “tagging” online? See:


E-Democracy.Org and our media partners will also have online forums, blogs, etc. for discussions during the e-debate.

3. Volunteers – Your Ideas

While the heavy lifting with debate is covered, you can make a difference online for the benefit of all. Seriously, if mega- partisanship gets you down, why not do something about it on your own time from anywhere to promote informed voting.

Volunteer roles include question reviewers, blogger outreach leads, online graphics, WordPress technical support, Voter Voices leads – with video, audio, and photography, and assistance with online and media publicity. Volunteer to:


Also, if you have a new civic non-partisan idea – involving the use of the Internet or mobile technology – that needs a home drop us a note. We are interested in experimenting with audio voter guides and text messaging for example. What about you?

4. E-Debate Supporters – Calling all bloggers! Civic groups!

With our media partners and civic/blog/website “supporters” we can bring together thousands of Minnesotans for this “on-demand” e-debate. Support the debate by adding yourself/your organization to this list and zip us an e-mail:


Supporters agree to link to: http://e-democracy.org/mnelections

Also, Minnesota political bloggers should add their site here:

5. Local Candidate and other Election Links

Add them via our “edit this page” wiki from:


This directory is completely user-driven. If you know of good non-partisan content or direct candidate links add them in seconds. http://Del.icio.us users may tag items “mn06” to bring them to our attention.

That’s all for now.

Steven Clift

P.S. To follow our progress, check out our new project blog:

P.S.S. One of the reasons we haven’t done an e-debate recently is that we are mostly focused on launching local Issues Forums. We even have two local forums in the United Kingdom. If you’d like to launch a local forum anywhere, see: http://e-democracy.org/if

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