Any Questions? Live online interview with Steven Clift about online town halls April 2, 2008

Steven Clift and Tech Derbis

Hey all, I’ll be interviewed live online next week by David Witzel with PolicyCommon.Org and Forum One Communications.

If you have any questions on the topic of “Building Town Halls Online” or e-democracy in general, send them in now.

Here is the text of the announcement from LIVE Interviews Online:

Interview with Steven Clift on Building Town Halls Online
2 April 2008, 11:00 AM EDT

Participation in public life, in local democracy and civic affairs, is in a serious decline. From time pressures experienced by two income families to a growing cynicism about government and politics, local communities face a fundamental threat to their ability to meet public challenges via democratic processes and participation.

Steven Clift has succeeded at creating the equivalent of local town halls for the online world. Multiple contemporary barriers impede participation in politics and the citizen sector, resulting in feelings ranging from confusion to powerlessness to distrust. E-Democracy.Org achieves the impact of community meetings more conveniently, less expensively, and by reaching more people.

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