Issues Forum Presentation Slides, Bemidji and Cass Lake Leech Lake Say Yes

Steve Kranz and I had a great time in Bemidji and Cass LakeLeech Lake Indian Reservation last week. We had about 20 people total across our two Your Voice. Your Community presentations highlighting some citizen media trends and digging into online civic engagement with Issues Forums.

Below are our slides, and here is a short video from Cass Lake just outside the Leech Lake Tribal College.


Volunteers from both Bemidji and Cass Lake have already followed up with strong interest and their local steering committees and forums are now being developed. Steve Kranz will be helping coach their start-up efforts.

Sign up now to reserve your space in the Bemidji Area Issues Forum or the Cass Lake Leech Lake Issues Forum. If you’d like to participate in the local steering committee for either forum, drop us a note. We even have paper sign-up forms for Bemidji and Cass Lake Leech Lake available to download and print for in-person use. In addition to recruitment at key in-person events, planning for “virtual door knocking” will be required.

The slides to preview or download (see our about Issues Forum section for our guidebook, etc.):

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  1. Hi Steve – thanks for this post about your presentations in Bemidji and Cass Lake, and for including your slides.

    You and Steve did a great job. Thank you!


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