The Tagging Continues


In October, E-Democracy.Org (with the support of the Blandin Foundation) hosted an online gubernatorial debate, which in turn led to our Voter Voices initiative.

Weeks after the online debate, the Voter Voices project continues to generate BUZZ on the internet. Today, I found one of my own contributions to the Voter Voices project being linked to in Beth’s Blog , a great resource for folks looking for creative ways to use technology in the non-profit and educational areas. This wasn’t the first time that Beth linked to us, she first picked up on Voter Voices in Mid October when she posted VoterVoices: Part 1 – Multimedia Tagging Project. Beth went on to conduct a very COOL YouTube interview with Steve Clift about the Voter Voices project.

On The Click Heard Round the World, Rik recently included the Online Gubernatorial debate in his presentation “Top-down, Middle Layer and Bottom-up E-democracy” at the Internet Governance Forum in Athens, Greece.

Our “How to Tag Minnesota Elections” page has now been bookmarked on 28 times!! The tagging effort in particular has been picked up in a number of blogs such as:

Finally, its encouraging to see that the information generated by the E-Debate and Voter Voices project might live on for a longer time. Today, I found a blog post by someone agonizing over who to vote for in this years gubernatorial election, but linking to information (Mike Hatch: DFL candidate for governor) gathered on our site for our original 1994 online debate.

This is the power of the web, in so many ways…….

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