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3333 Community Sparks – Copying Another Idea for Posterity

In 2013, the Forever St. Paul, $1 million idea challenge, put out a request for proposals. This is what we proposed. We are copying this into our blog for archival purposes. We still love the idea! Let us know if you want to make it happen or fund it.   3333 Community Sparks – Connect […]

100,000 Participants – Copying An Idea for Posterity

As our blog is a useful repository for content that will last for years, here is a copy of our intentionally audacious Knight News Challenge proposal from 2013. Elements of this may turn into future proposals, particularly if you have to a funder who is inspired b them and gets in touch.  Source. 100,000+ Participants. […]

Sharing Lessons – New Voices: Civic Technology, Neighbors Online, and Open Government – Video and Slides

E-Democracy hit the road to share lessons widely as we closed out an amazing 2013. In a recent trip to New York hosted by the UNDP with outreach via betaNYC, Steven Clift went in-depth on raising new voices with civic technology. Thanks to Joly MacFie with the Internet Society New York for sharing this video. To join a future […]

White House releases 2nd Open Government National Action Plan – Links and Commentary

This plan is part of the U.S. involvement in the global Open Government Partnership. I recently had a chance to chat with folks  involved with OGP-related efforts across Europe and this is a really big deal that may not have crossed your radar. Below is a full collection of links. Start here. My big take away […]

Connect with E-Democracy’s Steven Clift Across Europe – Nov 25 – Dec 2 2013

Now that CityCampMN and Give to the Max Day are behind us, I (Steven Clift) can focus intensively on preparing for a ten day speaking trip across Europe. This all started with an invite to participate in the World Forum and then others stepping forward to sponsor additional stops and gatherings. I am grateful. These […]

Stories from the Sidewalk, November 2013

Stories from the Sidewalk In this issue… Message from E-Democracy Digital Inclusion Update Stories from the Forums Nuts & Bolts Annnouncements Message from E-Democracy – Donate Now! Steven Clift, Executive Director and Cirien Saadeh, Communications & Outreach Assistant Nonprofits all over the state today are participating in GiveMN’s “Give to the Max Day.” E-Democracy is […]

CityCampMN 2013 – Engaging Civic Innovations – Unconference Sat. Nov. 9 – St. Thomas Minneapolis Campus

 CityCampMN 2013 Live - Photos, News, Links CityCampMN 2013 Engaging Civic Innovations CityCampMN is our region’s unconference* for passion-fueled, technology-enhanced civic ideas and solutions. Join us to connect active citizens, community leaders, technologists, and government officials for a day of learning, discussing, and imagining how to use technology to strengthen communities and create more open government. Bring […]

E-Democracy News: Stories from the Sidewalk, September 2013 – Minnesota Edition

Stories from the Sidewalk In this issue… Stories from the Forums Becoming a Community Digital Inclusion Update How to Get Involved Donor Spotlight On the Blog Upcoming Events Nuts & Bolts Message from E-Democracy Stories from the Forums —Dayton’s Bluff Home Repairs In June, Olga, an elderly and disabled woman living alone in the Dayton’s […]

Payne Phalen Responds to Violence: Neighbors seek solutions during a time of crisis via E-Democracy

  While wider Internet commenting was filled with recriminations and conspiracy, E-Democracy’s Neighbors Forums raised voices against violence by seeking solutions. On August 4th, 2013, Ray Widstrand, 26, was brutally beaten by a group of young people who had gathered outside to watch a fight between two girls near midnight. Ray was walking through the […]

Knowledge Maximizer – Please Join Our Draft Survey Review

In the civic technology and open government space E-Democracy’s role is quite unique. We’ve emerge as an R+D online community engagement knowledge generator built on authentic local civic participation. Our mission includes increasing real participation and widely gathering and sharing lessons. Our global impact is based on pushing the envelop locally. With nearly 20 years under our […]


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