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Monthly Archive January, 2007

Reply to All – Or Reply to Sender?

In response to my ‘2 Posts Per Day = A Restriction on Free Speech?‘ post, Andy Roberts posted another complaint about how E-Democracy.Org forums use “reply to sender” as opposed to “reply to group.” This resulted in an exchange between Andy Roberts and Steve clift – which ended up on Andy’s Blog. “The fear of […]

Event – E-Government and E-Democracy Leadership in the United Kingdom – Friday, January 26 – Minnesota State Capitol

Join us for two twenty minutes presentations on … E-Government and E-Democracy Leadership in the United Kingdom Who: OPEN TO ALL With: Dan Jellinek, Editor, UK-based E-Government Bulletin Steven Clift, former consultant UK Local E-Democracy National Project and Board Chair, E-Democracy.Org What: Dan and Steve will highlight a number of interesting e-government and e-democracy trends […]

2 Posts Per Day = A Restriction on Free Speech?

One of the cornerstone characteristics of E-Democracy.Org issues forums, has always been that we limit each participant to 2 post per day (which is now 2 posts per 24 hours). Our goal has always been to encourage as many different people as possible to participate and early on we choose to accomplish this by putting […]

US Presidential E-Debate – Interested?

The other week E-Democracy.Org submitted a letter of inquiry (text far below) to the Knight Foundation as part of their exciting multi-million dollar 21st Century News Challenge. We proposed a pre-primary US Presidential online debate using a mix of video, audio, images, and text over two weeks in November _2007_. Yes, a full year before […]

Issues Forums – Our Training in Estonia, Slides from Finland, Podcast from Denmark, and a Picture from the Netherlands

The other month I prepared an hour and a half in-depth training on how to set up and run a local Issues Forum for a seminar in Estonia organized by the e-Governance Academy. The new slides (6MB) are now up along with the full 90 minutes of audio (mostly in English). I also managed to […]

Loss of pioneering e-democracy project

Shortly before Christmas word began to spread that an innovative grassroots e-democracy project in Richmond upon Thames (UK) may be shutting down permanently. During one of my recent visits to the UK, I had the opportunity to meet the creators and volunteer operators of Online Communities. I was almost startled to see how much work […]


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