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Monthly Archive April, 2007

Issues Forums on Television – TechTalk Public Television Interview

TechTalk public television show host Susan McKinnell interviewed Steven Clift about e-democracy including Issues Forums. TechTalk is produced by the University of Minnesota and appears on a number of public television stations. Watch their full 30 minute show on E-Government from their website or jump right into the 12 minute interview (requires QuickTime for best […]

Vote for Issues Forums at NetSquared by April 14

We’ve submitted local Issues Forums and our use of the open source GroupServer technology in the NetSquared competition. We share the stage with 150 exciting projects – the top 20 get to attend their conference in May. This is the best way for us to send a couple of volunteers into the web 2.0 mix […]

Local Elections, E-Democracy.Org, & YouTube.Com

E-Democracy.Org started out as the worlds first election orientated web-site (so the legend says) and has a long history of voter education and hosting online candidate debates or “conversations.” In our original local Issues Forum in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Winona, we’ve always found that activity and membership reach peaks in the weeks prior to […]


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