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Monthly Archive December, 2007

E-Democracy.Org Seeks Online Fund Raisers, Grant Writers

E-Democracy.Org is putting together a development team. The goal of this team is to: 1. Fund implementation of our new strategic plan – We seek to identify potential funding sources and develop a number of grant proposal based on our strategic plan – . Our near term objective is to package our local “online […]

Join E-Democracy.Org on Facebook, MySpace and Youtube

We’ve created a few online spaces on popular social networking sites. Join our groups to show your support for a positive vision of and real citizen-driven use of the Internet in democracy and community. – Facebook: – Youtube: – MySpace: Once you join, please tell your friends to join us.

Two New Neighbourhood Forums in Oxford, UK

(Photo found on, taken by ‘Travelling Steve’) Over the next couple of days, two new neighbourhood forums will be launching in the UK as part of the E-Democracy.Org network, bringing the total size of our network to 13 forums, spread across the UK, USA, and New Zealand. These new neighbourhood forums are excellent examples […]

Wiki While We Work

If you ever want to get a sense of our efforts in development. Check out new pages and recent changes on our wiki. If you did, you’d catch our brainstorming on a likely internship program, new Start a Forum templates, a draft fact sheet being used for fund raising, a juicy quote from an Oxford […]


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