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April 2009 E-Democracy News

E-Democracy News April 2009 Volume 1, Issue 4 May 1st Tweet the Neighbors! Find out more In This Issue From the Founder Briefly Guest Column: The Unconference Red River Valley Flooding Online Around the Issues Forums Online Civic Engagement 101: Starting a Website What’s Hot Online: Social Media, Editor’s Choice, and more From the Founder […]

From Rural Voices to Tweet the Neighbors

Last weekend’s Minnesota Voices Unconference was a blast. We have tweets, blog posts, photos, video clips and more available on our wiki. It was great to meet dozens of new people using social media to tell the stories of their rural communities like attendees in Moose Lake, Pine City (where my mom was raised on […]

Working with Northern Community Internet to launch the Grand Rapid Area Issues Forum

  We had a great time in Grand Rapids Minnesota discussing citizen/social media and the launch of their local Issues Forum. Watch Ross William’s explain the Nortern Community Internet project. The local cable access center taped the presentation … stay tuned for on-demand access.

Grassroots in Grand Rapids Thursday, E-Transparency for the World from Boston

Tomorrow evening (Thursday, Apr. 2), I will be presenting on Citizen Media and Issues Forums (using a sub-set of the free webinar slides) in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Here is the announcement and the local Issues Forum currently in recruitment mode. Join us and spread the word. The other week, I spoke at the NewsOut conference […]


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