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Monthly Archive April, 2010

Locals Online – Meet the Greeters Who Help You Meet the Neighbors

If the Cleveland-Park neighborhood e-mail list in DC can reach almost 10,000 subscribers, why not 500 people in your neighborhood? Go for it. In my own Standish Ericsson neighborhood we are close to 500 members or just over 10% of households… and let me tell you, it is awesome. If you have been looking for […]

Rural Voices Evaluation – Some Detailed Lessons

We’ve now officially closed our Rural Voices grant from the Blandin Foundation and thought we’d share the full 10 page evaluation with you. Our four rural Minnesota forums continue as all volunteer local enterprises within our 15+ community network. Below are some excerpts to give you a sense of what is in the Word, PDF, […]

How to Make Effective Use of E-Democracy.Org Issues Forums

For a long time, has been trying to put in place something to better educate and prepare forum participants on how to effectively make use of our forums, both in terms of managing their time and effectively communicating their ideas and opinions. We finally have a FREE online class in place designed to do […]

Greater Frogtown Neighbors Forum – Outreach Lessons Learned 1 – By Boa Lee

Editor’s Note: Every few months our Community Information and Outreach Leaders with our Inclusive Social Media effort will share their lessons via and update on our Project Blog. This special outreach effort is funded by the Ford Foundation with additional contributions from the St. Paul Foundation for St. Paul efforts. This new digital inclusion to […]


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