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Monthly Archive March, 2011

24 Hours – The real deal on neighborhood and community Issues Forums

While our marketing lacks flash, we have a surplus of substance. We’ve simplified the main page for our Christchurch, New Zealand collection of neighbours forums. We’ve also gathered testimonials from members and Forum Managers about the value they receive and we now have a simple list of what actually happens across our forums (one […]

Social Media and Schools – Presentation and Webinar

The other week I presented a webinar titled “Using Social Networking for Powerful School Community Engagement.” Below are the slides as well as a video screencast of my practice run with a stuffed up nose (that I cut some slides from after and stories like the Cass Lake example). Here are some raw schools and […]

From Crisis Response to Community Recovery – for Christchurch, Stories from Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

As the role of social media generates headlines from Cairo to Christchurch, I have some bad news for you. The “Like” culture of Facebook is extremely lightweight when it comes to creating the deep bonds required for sustained local community building. The 140 character exchanges on Twitter create a surface sense among the most extroverted […]


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