E-Democracy.Org is hiring – Issues Forum support and more

(NOTE: This position has been filled. – posted April 16, 2008)

Last week, E-Democracy.Org’s Board approved an extended consulting contract with Tim Erickson to serve as our paid Program Director and to coordinate our grant funded Rural Voices and Neighborhood Forum projects. While Tim has been paid for small projects in the past, this is a huge and exciting step in our transition from all-volunteer to volunteer-based initiative with a small staff. This will enable us to better support an increasing number of communities and volunteers.

Stay tuned for a future Neighborhood Forum project outreach posting (anyone out there know someone who speaks Somali or Oromo who is interested in online communities?). Here is our posting for a contract position designed to help us improve the support we provide to the thousands of participants across our now eleven community Issues Forum network.

HELP WANTED: Issues Forum Support
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E-Democracy.Org is looking for someone interested in helping us build the online infrastructure for democracy in the digital age.

E-Democracy.Org is a locally based organization that is internationally recognized leader in the field of online democracy. We
work with volunteers across the country and around the world to set up vibrant online spaces where community members, elected officials, and local journalists share ideas and information. We are currently in the midst of a transition from being an all-volunteer organization to hiring staff and contractors to help launch and support new e- democracy projects in communities around the world.


We are looking for someone with a combination of community organizing and technology skills to serve as a part-time contractor, providing technical and organizational support to our issues forums participants and network of volunteers.

Hours and reporting: 20+ hours per week, for three months, with the potential for an indefinite extension. Will report to E-Democracy.Org Program Director, Tim Erickson. Hours and working location are flexible.

Compensation: $15-20 per hour depending on qualifications and experience

Qualifications: A general comfort and ability to work with computers and the internet, an ability to troubleshoot technical issues on your own and problem solve user issues, excellent writing skills, and good people skills. This position would include, but is not limited to:

1) User Support

a – providing online support to Issues Forum participants
with basic questions, such as: how to login, how to
create or update a personal profile, how to post
a message, or how to change email settings.

b – updating our support FAQ and creating new online
resources, screencasts, or video tutorials to help
participants better navigate our site.

2) Project Support

a – helping set up new forums, including working with
volunteers to update their home page and customize
their forum charter.

b – scheduling and organizing online training sessions
for forum managers and project volunteers.

c – monitoring Issues Forums and providing
support as needed/assigned.

d – editing and improving our “start-a-forum” template
and providing support to volunteers as they use
the “start-a-forum” template to launch an Issues
Forum in their own community.

For more information, please contact:

Tim Erickson

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