New Forum to Launch in Knowle West, Bristol (UK)

E-Democracy.Org is pleased to announce the launch of the Knowle West Neighbourhood Forum, this coming Wednesday October 11th, 2006. Local organizers in the Knowle West neighbourhood of Bristol, expect the forum to open with approximately 50 local participants, with a goal of reaching over 100 participants within the first few weeks of operation. The purpose of the Knowle West Neighborhood Forum will be to share news and information about the community and to strengthen ties between residents and organizations working in the neighbourhood.

E-Democracy.Org hopes that Knowle West will be the first of many local neighbourhoods to adapt the E-Democracy.Org “city-wide” Issues Forum model to a “neighbourhood” scale. Neighbourhood Forums will differ from the Issues Forum model, by focusing more on “daily life” issues such as sharing referrals for local services, recommending various community resources (private and public), and connecting local residents to each other and organizations in the community.

If you would like to launch an E-Democracy.Org city-wide Issues Forum or a Neighbourhood Forum in your community, please contact contact Tim Erickson at: 651-246-5045.

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