Neighbors Online Video, London Networked Neighbours and CityCamp Unconferences

Here is a video of most of my presentation at the Networked Neighbourhoods event in London the other month. I start on the third minute. Unfortunately my FlipCam filled up so the rest of the even. Also see the blog recaps by Networked Neighbourhoods, and Kevin Harris. This was part of my UK trip in July.

Also, speaking of the UK, Networked Neighbourhoods is having an unconference on September 25th and CityCamp London is October 8-10. is a big supporter of CityCamp and host the ongoing online exchange. We invite those attending the London neighbourhoods online event to join their international peers on the similar Locals Online exchange.

Neighbors Online Presentation from on Vimeo.

Below are the slides from the Activate Conference which I adapted for the presentation above. Sorry about the abrupt end to the video. Want more? How about a 90 minute webinar reviewing the field? After I concluded with comments on our Inclusive Social Media efforts and Neighbors Online stats, the event went into discussion mode. It was a great event. Thank you Kevin and Hugh for making it happen.