UK Week – Bristol, Activate Conference, London Neighbourhoods Event, Pub Gatherings, and More

UK Parliament

Thanks to the folks at The Guardian and their Activate 2010 conference I’ll be in the UK next week.

The “official” Twitter hashtag I’ll use for updates during the week is #edemuk – I’ll use this for logistics and announce any spontaneous opportunities to connect.

My big message all week will be Local Matters, Civility Matters, Inclusion Matters. In terms of “what’s new” and exciting since my last UK visit are the emerging digital inclusion lessons from our Inclusive Social Media efforts in lower income, high immigrant neighborhoods. If you can’t make any of the event, watch my recent webinar.

  • July 1 – LondonActivate Conference – Watch the video preview of my keynote speech. Other speakers include Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, Tom Steinberg with mySociety, Clay Shirky, Beth Noveck with the White House, and many more. My job, as described so well recently by a BP official, is to tell the story of how we “small people” are using the Internet to empower ourselves. 🙂
  • July 3 – London – UK Meeting – At 10 a.m. on Saturday, our UK-based Board Members Mary Reid and Edward Andersson invite any of our local Issues Forum leaders and volunteers (potential volunteers welcome too!) to join us near Kings Cross. Contact us for the full details. (Mary Reid is new Board Chair of, blog announcement pending.) No plans as of yet for Saturday evening, but I hope to connect with some of our Newham forum friends.

3 thoughts on “UK Week – Bristol, Activate Conference, London Neighbourhoods Event, Pub Gatherings, and More”

  1. Hi Steven/ everyone
    How long are you here?
    We have a HUWY workshop in London on 9th July (Institute of Education).
    It’s primarily aimed at people who work with young people, however, some of the folk who came to our Scottish workshop were more generally interested in e-democracy and young people, so additional e-democracy expertise would be very useful…

    Anyone else:
    The HUWY project aims to use a distributed discussion among young people to share experiences, generate new ideas and influence policies to do with the Internet (e.g. concerning Cyberbullying, file-sharing, privacy, buying and selling online).

    Our current goal is to get young people involved in HUWY and help to influence Internet policies. We work with and through youth groups and organisations –i.e. the groups use their own methods and tools.

    We’re holding a free workshop in central London on 9th July to let people know more about the HUWY project –what it’s about and how to get involved.

    Would you like to come along?
    There’s more information about the workshop here:
    And you can register here:

    Contact me -Ella – for more details:

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