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Another great day in the UK. I began the day by spending some time with a friend of E-Democracy.Org, MJ Ray. MJ is very interested in the work that we are doing, but also great at providing feedback and constructive suggestions. I always enjoy my conversations with MJ, whom I first met in King’s Lynn, over a year ago. Recently, MJ has been somewhat involved in an online forum the community where he now lives, Weston-super-Mare.

In particular, MJ and I had a great discussion about how E-Democracy.Org might make better use of RSS feeds on our site. I think I talked him into doing a quick demo for us, about how we might create an aggregation of RSS feeds from a specific community and somehow link them to one of our forums (a demo project).

Later MJ and I went over to meet with the guys from Bristol Wireless.

Bristol Wireless Lab

I’ve been a big admirer of the guys from Bristol Wireless, since I first met them over a year ago (even though I found out, that they no longer crawl around on the roof tops of Bristol). They are doing great work at:

  • providing free access to the internet
  • promoting the use of free and open source software
  • setting up and maintaining community access computers
  • helping non-profits/charities set up networks
  • recycling old computers and equipment and putting it to great use
  • and taking their portable computer lab to alternative festivals and events, where they hook up to the internet using solar/wind power and satellite technology.
  • I did a 10 minute interview with the guys from Bristol wireless. I’ve not yet had time to format it into a polished podcast, but here is the raw footage for your listening pleasure.

    LISTEN: Bristol Wireless

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