On the Road Again

Well, as of tomorrow, I’m on the road again. I’ll be in the UK for 8 days for the “e-Democracy 07” conference and other meetings, followed up by a short visit to Scottsdale, Arizona – where I’m co-presenting a full day workshop called “Using Online Tools to Support Public Participation.”

Tim Erickson in London

As usual, I’m always eager to meet folks interested or involved in online democracy. I’ll usually go out of my way to connect with anyone who wants to exchange stories, share lessons, or just chat about the future.

My schedule for the UK is still a little bit flexible, so its not too late to try and schedule an informal visit OR a free workshop for your group on Local Issues Forums (if I’m close enough to where you are).

Here is my schedule for the next 12 days.

  • Nov. 3 (Sat) – Brighton & Hove – I arrive in the UK early in the morning, then its off to Brighton & Hove. I’m meeting up with Dan Jellinek, member of the E-Democracy.Org board to catch up on things and make final arrangements for the upcoming week. If possible, we’ll try to meet with other e-democracy folks from the Brighton & Hove Issues Forum.
  • Nov. 4 (Sun)- Brighton & Hove TO Bristol – I’m told that if I get to Bristol, I might be able to catch some fireworks AND meet up with folks from Bristol Wireless. Last time I was in Bristol, those guys taught me all about a nifty British drink called cider. I might be up for a pint (although last time, they recommended that as an American, I ought to start with a half pint).
  • (EDIT: I am currently in Brighton on Nov. 4th, where Dan and I have much to discuss, so I may stay here until early tomorrow, at which point I’d make my way up to Bristol. Unfortunately, this will mean missing the fireworks in Bristol. I’m still considering my options.)

  • Nov. 5 (Mon) – Bristol. I expect to spend the entire day in Bristol. This is my chance to connect with a good friend and colleague Carol Hayward. E-Democracy.Org has been hosting the Greater Bedminster Neighbourhood Forum and while I’m in Bristol I hope to connect with others interested in launching additional neighbourhood forums in Bristol. In the evening, I’ll be connecting with members of the Greater Bedminster Neighbourhood Forum at the Tobacco Factory. If I’m lucky, I might even meet up with my friends from Delib, as some point during the day.
  • Nov. 6 (Tue) – No Plans – I’m available for informal discussions, formal presentations, or workshops about Issues Forums. I’m willing to work for lodging (and/or beer).
  • Nov. 7 (Wed) – Oxford – We’re hoping to help launch a Neighbourhood Forum in Oxford (Central, South, and West) in the next few weeks. I have several meetings scheduled in Oxford, including a public presentation in the evening.
  • Nov. 8 (Thur) – London – From 8:15-9:15, E-Democracy.Org is hosting a pre-conference briefing on Local Issues Forums at the “e-Democracy 07” conference in London. At 11:45, I’ll be on the international plenary panel, with Matthew Ellis and Andy Williamson. In the evening, I’m hoping to arrange an informal dinner and/or drink with anyone interested. Contact me.
  • Nov. 9 (Fri) – No Plans – I’m available for informal discussions, formal presentations, or workshops about Issues Forums. I’m willing to work for lodging (and/or beer).
  • Nov. 10 (Sat) – No Plans – See above.
  • Nov. 11 (Sun) – Travel Day
  • Nov. 12 (Mon) – Scottsdale, AZ – TRAINING: Online Tools To Support Public Participation. Any online democracy folks in the Phoenix, AZ area interested in meeting for dinner and/or drinks.

    If you have any questions or are interested in meeting me during this trip, please contact me at: email or (+1) 651-246-5045 (mobile).

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