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Yes, we’ve done it! We’ve finally got it together to design an online vote so everyone can express their views on whether or not we should relax the current forum message posting limit of two messages every 24 hours. [Issues forum – vote on the number of postings allowed! and user survey – Posted by Dan Jellinek, October 26th, 2006]

Its not the first time one of our Issues Forums has put an important decision to a vote of its members, but its the first time that any of our forums have reconsidered the 2 post per 24 hours rule (rule #2).

It certainly IS the first time that ANY of our rules have been put to a direct vote of forum members. Starting yesterday, members of the Brighton & Hove Issues Forum are voting on whether or not to relax the posting limitation in their forum.

While, the 2 post per 24 hours rule has always been controversial with members of our forums, its been a particularily controversial issue in Brighton & Hove, where some members of the forum have lobbied for a long time, for some relaxation of the rule.

Members of the forum are being given the choice of:

    1) Leaving the limit at 2 posts per 24 hours
    2) Changing it to 2 posts in 12 hours
    3) Suggest another alternative for consideration

To put this vote into context, here are links to two different debates that have taken place in Brighton & Hove over this issue:

    1) Two Mail Limit
    2) two post limit, reply off list by default

While, I support the rule as it is, I’m excited to see the rule being put to the test and am VERY anxious to hear the results.

One of the really great things about being a “network” of Issues Forums is the opportunity to learn from the experiences and mistakes of other forums. I’m not sure what the outcome of the Brighton & Hove vote will be, nor the result if they vote to make a change. BUT, either way, we’ll all learn something from this experience.

Best wishes,

Tim Erickson

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