Wow. What an E-Debate

The Minnesota Gubernatorial E-Debate is a great success. While the candidates are done with their responses, this “on-demand” debate will be promoted through the election in November. At the Blandin Broadband conference I had a chance to talk with those who followed the e-debate via e-mail and the feedback has quite encouraging. In short, people like the substance our deliberate e-debate format offers.

Here is the text (and links) highlighting the content from the e-debate:

Welcome to the E-Debate, where Minnesota candidates for Governor boldly debate four major themes and share their snappy answers to 10 questions provided by citizens. Be sure to rate their responses and have your say in text, images, audio, or video.

Like a blog, the new content is on the top – so read the theme “responses” at the bottom of each topic, then scroll back up for the “rebuttals.” Or live on the edge and read the rebuttals first. 🙂 For more details on how the e-debate works, watch my opening statement video.

Opening statements and the four themes:

We also have 10 short answer questions (SAQs):

To quickly read responses sorted by candidate (most recent submission on top), select from this list below:

Finally, while the candidates have had their say including their closing statements, now you can have yours via Voter Voices through the election and beyond.

Let us know what you you think of the e-debate by dropping us a private comment.

Steven Clift

Steven Clift
E-Debate Host

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