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History of E-Democracy

E-Democracy has been a consistent pioneer in online civic engagement work in local communities for nearly two decades. We began in 1994 by creating the world’s first election information website, powered by volunteers. These key milestones shaped our history: 1994 – World’s first election information website. First online candidate debate. MN-Politics online forum launched creating […]

Voting Information for Ramsey County and St. Paul, Minnesota

For our participants in Ramsey County, E-Democracy Board Member Anne Carroll has compiled a special collection of voter resources from official sources. As Anne says, “Go Vote!” This year Election Day is Tuesday, November 6. Below is information on a variety of topics to help you, family members, friends, and neighbors have all the information needed […]

Sunshine 2.0 – Top Ten Indicators of Local Government Support for Democracy Online Released, Aspen Institute’s FOCAS 12 Conference

(Skip the fluff … See page 8 in the full draft for the table with all the details, check out this one page handout, or read on below for context and a summary.)   Drum roll please.  The moment you’ve been waiting for … or more likely forgot was coming. 🙂 Awhile back I (Steven Clift) led […]

Connecting Neighbors in Diverse Cedar Riverside

Everyone connected with their neighbors for participation and community. Here is how we do it. Thanks to support from the Minneapolis Foundation’s MSNet Fund, we’ve been methodically building a base for an online neighbors forum in this extremely diverse community. With approximately 7,500 residents concentrated in apartment complexes not far from the University of Minnesota’s […]

E-Democracy.Org Makes the New York Times

I spent the first part of this week sharing E-Democracy.Org’s story at the Personal Democracy Forum as well as challenging governments to put representative democracy and two-way engagement online (video). Some of my big picture themes were picked up by the New York Times in an article, titled From Campaign 2.0 to Governing 2.0. At […]

E-Democracy.Org says yes to 10Questions for U.S. Presidential Candidates

E-Democracy.Org is a proud sponsor of 10Questions. We’ve embedded a window into our site where you can vote on which video questions from citizens you want forwarded to the candidates. I’ve also blogged about this in more detail on my DoWire.Org blog as well as on the PBS Media Shift IdeaLab blog where I am […]

Strategic Plan – Information and Civic Education – Goal 2

Continuing our strategic plan conversation … E-Democracy.Org’s humble beginnings started with the world’s first election information website in 1994 focused on Minnesota. We hosted content from everyone – candidates, government, media, the League of Women Voters. We organized an online candidate debate and when the election was over people in our MN-POLITICS e-mail forum kept […]

Local Elections, E-Democracy.Org, & YouTube.Com

E-Democracy.Org started out as the worlds first election orientated web-site (so the legend says) and has a long history of voter education and hosting online candidate debates or “conversations.” In our original local Issues Forum in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Winona, we’ve always found that activity and membership reach peaks in the weeks prior to […]

Exploring a Presidential E-Debate, Sign Our Petition to Candidates

Sign our petition! In early January, we announced that we made it to round two of the Knight Foundation’s New Challenge with our proposal for a Pre-Primary Presidential E-Debate. We hosted the first e-debate back in 1994. We will find out if our proposal wins funding in mid-April. Ultimately, our goal is to see this […]

US Presidential E-Debate – Interested?

The other week E-Democracy.Org submitted a letter of inquiry (text far below) to the Knight Foundation as part of their exciting multi-million dollar 21st Century News Challenge. We proposed a pre-primary US Presidential online debate using a mix of video, audio, images, and text over two weeks in November _2007_. Yes, a full year before […]


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