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History of E-Democracy

E-Democracy has been a consistent pioneer in online civic engagement work in local communities for nearly two decades. We began in 1994 by creating the world’s first election information website, powered by volunteers. These key milestones shaped our history: 1994 – World’s first election information website. First online candidate debate. MN-Politics online forum launched creating […]

Connect in Oxford, England on Oct. 2 with E-Democracy.Org (Oct. 1 at a pub too)

On October 2, 2008, local E-Democracy.Org volunteer leaders and participants from Bristol, Brighton and Hove, Oxford, and Newham along with e-democracy/community empowerment/social media experts from around the UK will be gathering at Oxford Town Hall. We hope to gather 15-20 people for a highly interactive and dynamic exchange. Steven Clift the founder and leader of […]

Two New Neighbourhood Forums in Oxford, UK

(Photo found on, taken by ‘Travelling Steve’) Over the next couple of days, two new neighbourhood forums will be launching in the UK as part of the E-Democracy.Org network, bringing the total size of our network to 13 forums, spread across the UK, USA, and New Zealand. These new neighbourhood forums are excellent examples […]


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