Minnesota Governor Candidates in First Debate

Today MPR carried the first candidate debate with the three candidates leading in the polls hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. It will also be on KSTP (link pending) television.

As the AP report noted, the “debate didn’t leave the candidates much room to spell out specific policies on health care, transportation, energy, education and taxes. They had to keep their answers under a minute and were afforded half that time to respond to each other’s answers.” There is something special about in-person debates and hearing/seeing the candidates. However, with an e-debate we will be offering candidates the space to elaborate on a number of questions – in text, audio, even video – and provide links to further information on their websites.

As noted by MPR and the AP, the rest of the debate schedule is not certain and we are communicating actively with the campaigns to put together any anytime, anywhere on-demand e-debate.

Steven Clift

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