What Bloggers are saying about the E-Debate

I was just taking a quick scan of the Blog-O-Sphere to see what is being said about the E-Democracy.Org – E-Debate.

At Designing For Civil Society David Wilcox had the following comments:

Political candidates once needed skills in dealing with hecklers … then reporters and TV cameras. Now it’s citizen’s media. Steven Clift, who has been promoting e-democracy world-wide for the last ten years or more, has an impressive event lined up back in his US base, with candidates agreeing to cope with a potential barrage of podcasts, videos and photos as well as emails. It could be more challenging than big media.

The PF HYPER Blog says:

One of the questions is “Share a new idea on how your Administration will take advantage of broadband Internet or wireless communication to directly serve Minnesotans?” In Governor Pawlenty’s response, he points to the “delivery of real-time, customized information, such as road conditions, employment statistics, criminal data or Medicaid prescriptions.” Wow. This is open government stuff. I’m not voting for the man but none of the other candidates mention this.

According to Sammy G’s Blog – “The True Power of YouTube”:

I couldn’t understand why Google would rush to spend $1.65B on YouTube. Sure, the site is wildly popular, but why the haste to gobble up the video technology and traffic? Then, this morning, I came across the true power of YouTube.


The MN 2006 gubernatorial debates are being held online and powered by YouTube via the “MN Gubernatorial E-Debate 2006.”

At the Personal Democracy Forum “The First Netizen-Powered E-Debate”:

The upcoming gubernatorial debate in Minnesota will run from October 9th to 19th. That’s right, a ten-day long debate, made possible through the magic of citizen-powered media.

The Minnesota Gubernatorial E-Debate will take cues from YouTube and and MySpace in its incorporation of citizen participation and media. And every gubernatorial candidate — from Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty to Walt Brown of the Quit Raising Taxes Party — has agreed to participate.

At Garrick Van Buren .com “MN Governor e-Debate 2006 First Impressions”:

Steven Clift is moderating the 2006 MN Gubernatorial candidate e-dbate. I’ve been following along via the RSS feed. Ever day a new question – perfect.

This is exactly how I like my politics – integrated into how I do everything already (RSS).

At MNteractive “Tagging the Local Election Season”

If you’re covering the local election in your blog (this one included), podcast, or tagged something out there in the interweb that does – tag it appropriately, and it’ll automatically get pulled in.

Behold – the power of folksonomy.

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