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Hot Topics: Olympics Mega Mosque in Newham

Written by Tim Erickson

Plans to build the largest mosque in Europe, in Newham, have generated much discussion in the Newham Issues Forum over the last few weeks. The discussion is fueled by some participants concern that the organization planning to build the mosque is accused of having ties to terrorist organizations.

Recently, the “olympics mega mosque” topic in the Newham Issues Forum reached 58 posts, the longest and most active topic in the Newham Issues Forum, in over a year.

Since the first post, on September 21st, over 17 different people have contributed to a discussion that has touched upon:

    planning issues
    proper role of government
    the multi-cultural make-up of Newham

The Newham Issues Forum is a project of E-Democracy.Org and currently has 154 registered members who use the forum to discuss issues of importance to the community (see the Newham Issues Forum Charter).

Click here to join the Newham Issues Forum.

If you would like to launch an E-Democracy.Org Local Issues Forum in your community, please contact Tim Erickson at: (+1) 651-246-5045.

Tim Erickson

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One Comment on Hot Topics: Olympics Mega Mosque in Newham

Why the need for a mega mosque? Surely there are other ways one can build upon cultural relationships and enhance multi-culturalism without doing that. If this project truly was for the entire community why would a mosque be `specifically` built? Surely the money needed to fund and build this superfluous building would be better put into the local community and resources, etc. Allowing EVERYONE to ACTUALLY benefit not just one minority.

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