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Neighbors Online Video, London Networked Neighbours and CityCamp Unconferences

Here is a video of most of my presentation at the Networked Neighbourhoods event in London the other month. I start on the third minute. Unfortunately my FlipCam filled up so the rest of the even. Also see the blog recaps by Networked Neighbourhoods, and Kevin Harris. This was part of my UK trip in […]

UK Week – Bristol, Activate Conference, London Neighbourhoods Event, Pub Gatherings, and More

Thanks to the folks at The Guardian and their Activate 2010 conference I’ll be in the UK next week. The “official” Twitter hashtag I’ll use for updates during the week is #edemuk – I’ll use this for logistics and announce any spontaneous opportunities to connect. My big message all week will be Local Matters, Civility […]

Connect in Oxford, England on Oct. 2 with E-Democracy.Org (Oct. 1 at a pub too)

On October 2, 2008, local E-Democracy.Org volunteer leaders and participants from Bristol, Brighton and Hove, Oxford, and Newham along with e-democracy/community empowerment/social media experts from around the UK will be gathering at Oxford Town Hall. We hope to gather 15-20 people for a highly interactive and dynamic exchange. Steven Clift the founder and leader of […]

Issues Forums in the UK, Meet Tim Erickson in November at London E-Democracy 07 Conference

Tim Erickson will be visiting the UK in early November to check in with our growing network of council-wide and neighbourhood level Issues Forums. This includes a pre-conference event tied to Headstar’s E-Democracy 07 conference on November 8. Details were posted to our Liftoff online group. Liftoff is where you join if you are interested […]

Bright Ideas in Newham

(For more video clips from the Bright Ideas conference in Newham, visit Designing for Civil Society, by David Wilcox) Last week E-Democracy.Org Issues Forums came up as a subject of discussion at the Bright Ideas conference sponsored by the Newham Council. Dan Jellinek, co-chair of the Brighton & Hove Issues Forum steering committee and member […]

It’s The Network

I’m back at home after eleven days on the road. That’s eleven days of eating, speaking, and (yes) drinking E-Democracy.Org (I didn’t mention sleep, because I did very little of that on this trip). One of the most important aspects of a trip like this one, is that it really allows me to focus on […]

Who is reading this blog?

The E-Democracy.Org project blog has been fairly active for about 6 weeks now. When Steve Clift set it up, I was a little bit skeptical about how useful it would be and whether or not it would be worth the time. It took me several weeks to post my first entry, but was hooked almost […]

Fancy A Pint? Gathering in Newham

One of the keys to the success of any local Issues Forum, is the occasional gathering at a coffeeshop or pub, where various members of the forum can finally meet each other face to face. Its not enough to exchange verbal barbs and intellectual arguments, the real work of building community and strengthening local democracy […]

Hot Topics: Olympics Mega Mosque in Newham

Plans to build the largest mosque in Europe, in Newham, have generated much discussion in the Newham Issues Forum over the last few weeks. The discussion is fueled by some participants concern that the organization planning to build the mosque is accused of having ties to terrorist organizations. Recently, the “olympics mega mosque” topic in […]

Building a new project blog

As E-Democracy.Org grows we are exploring the launch of a new project blog. It will go live in the coming weeks as we tweak its settings and theme. Each local Issues Forum team as well as leaders of various projects will have the opportunity to share details on their efforts via this multi-editor blog. Welcome. […]


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