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Dan’s Visit to Minnesota – During the Deep Freeze

Written by Tim Erickson

Dan on Throne

Last weekend (Jan 25th-28th), Dan Jellinek visited St. Paul, Minnesota from his home in the UK (where he is co-chair of the Brighton & Hove Issues forum steering committee) for the first face to face meeting of the E-Democracy.Org board, since it expanded early last year.

The board met all day on Jan 27th to outline an E-Democracy.Org strategic plan for the next three years. I expect that we’ll be posting more about that sometime in the near future. However, on the lighter side, I wanted to share a few photos (see slideshow in Flickr) of a side trip that I took with Dan to the St. Paul Winter Carnival (see Winter Carnival topic in St. Paul Issues Forum).

To make sure that Dan got the true spirit of the St. Paul Winter Carnival, we turned the thermostadt down to 5º F / -15º C on that day.

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4 Comments on Dan’s Visit to Minnesota – During the Deep Freeze

Thanks Tim – yes folks this is me sitting on the ice throne: the smile is frozen on. I had to be carried off in that position and thawed out.

Seriously though it was fantastic fun, and I would recommend it to anyone (once Tim had lent me the appropriate headgear). I’ll never complain about the cold in England any more though.

I look forward very much to helping continue its successful expansion in the UK, and perhaps acting as a something of a ‘point man’ for Steve and Tim between their visits. Lots of ideas, now to get on with it…

[…] In the last year, we’ve added three new crucial Board members. Anne Carroll, a public involvement and strategic planning consultant and elected school board member in St. Paul joined us about a year ago. Anne is leading us through the final stages of some important strategic planning and keeps us on task to say it lightly. You met Dan Jellinek on the blog when he came over from the UK for our Board retreat in January. Dan is our “go to” guy in the UK and runs HeadStar which produces the E-Government Bulletin and a companion blog among many other things. […]

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