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Facebook-Native Politicians – Slides, Webcast and Live Hangout Q and A Dec. 3/4

Are you ready for something completely new? Introducing the “Facebook Native Politician” … meaning someone on Facebook from their teens or college days now entering elective public office. Facebook user first, politician second. In my view, Minneapolis has the most exciting 24/7 “Facebook” engaged City Council in the world. With this embryonic case study, you […]

Poplus – E-Democracy supports collaborative civic coding, Chicago gathering

  Special event: Join us in Chicago on Tuesday, August 5 for information session on Poplus and learn about Open Twin Cities and service design as well. E-Democracy is a big supporter of the global Poplus civic coding federation. In particular, we are gearing up to help with strategic outreach for the highly interactive online group […]

Connect with E-Democracy’s Steven Clift Across Europe – Nov 25 – Dec 2 2013

Now that CityCampMN and Give to the Max Day are behind us, I (Steven Clift) can focus intensively on preparing for a ten day speaking trip across Europe. This all started with an invite to participate in the World Forum and then others stepping forward to sponsor additional stops and gatherings. I am grateful. These […]

Can you hear me now? The troublesome democratic divide online – Oct. 16 virtual gathering

Recently, the New York Times shared a story on the millions of Americans who remain unplugged. Our view is that democratic divide is much wider than the digital divide, so therefore we must proactively use civic technology to help build stronger and more inclusive communities and democracies and not wait for everyone to be online. […]

Sunshine 2.0 – Top Ten Indicators of Local Government Support for Democracy Online Released, Aspen Institute’s FOCAS 12 Conference

(Skip the fluff … See page 8 in the full draft for the table with all the details, check out this one page handout, or read on below for context and a summary.)   Drum roll please.  The moment you’ve been waiting for … or more likely forgot was coming. 🙂 Awhile back I (Steven Clift) led […]

Groundbreaking Analysis – Inclusive Social Media Project – 60 Page Participatory Evaluation

  Our 2010-11 Inclusive Social Media pilot funded by the Ford Foundation built a foundation for taking our inclusive online engagement work to the next stage. “Knowing” what we are experiencing requires a reflective evaluation. Inclusive Social Media Evaluation Report – Today, we are sharing the executive summary from our “participatory evaluation” (below) and publishing […]

Empowering Diverse Community Voices One Person at a Time – Our Exciting Team, Trust

  Whether it is Somali Independence Day in Minneapolis (video), Rondo Days, or the CHAT Hmong arts festival in St. Paul, our new outreach team will be in the field across the community this summer. Our goal is to recruit at least 1,000 new participants across our Twin Cities online neighborhood forums (15 forums open […]

Neighbors Forums Presentation – Let the Summer of Outreach Begin!

As our summer of Inclusive Social Media outreach gets underway across St. Paul and Minneapolis, we’ve put together a presentation introducing “Neighbors Forums.” Neighbors Forums The slides are detailed so you can skim or go in-depth. Additional download options are at the bottom of this post. Invite us to present in-person in your neighborhood. Our […]

Civility Online – Why are you hurting America?

When Jon Stewart appeared on CNN’s Crossfire, he essentially brought that show to an end, with the admonishment: And I made a special effort to come on the show today, because I have privately, amongst my friends and also in occasional newspapers and television shows, mentioned this show as being bad … And I wanted […]

Reflections on 2010 Community Matters Conference and Answers to Questions

Editors Note: The other month we received an invitation to have a booth in the “sandlot” at the Community Matters conference. Because I’ve been in occasional contact with the head of the Orton Family Foundation, I suggested that we could step that up and also host a virtual round of introductions. The exchange, using our […]


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