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We’re sorry, so sorry …

This is a quick update to let you know that the forums on E-Democracy are experiencing an extended outage. While OnlineGroups.Net has restore our website, posting via email or the web has yet to be restored. The best we can say is that OnlineGroups.Net is working on it. We have no estimate on when service […]

Facebook-Native Politicians – Slides, Webcast and Live Hangout Q and A Dec. 3/4

Are you ready for something completely new? Introducing the “Facebook Native Politician” … meaning someone on Facebook from their teens or college days now entering elective public office. Facebook user first, politician second. In my view, Minneapolis has the most exciting 24/7 “Facebook” engaged City Council in the world. With this embryonic case study, you […]

UK Engagements 2014 – Consultation Institute, SOCITM, Involve, Norbiton, MozFest, mySociety and more

Steven Clift, our Executive Director, will be visiting the UK on a speaking and engagement tour from October 20-28. My Facebook Native Councillors presentation starts at 5:10 and goes for 28 minutes:   Mon Oct 20 – Attending  Open : Data : Cooperation – Manchester Tue Oct 21 – Panelist Socitm Annual Conference – Manchester – […]

Poplus – E-Democracy supports collaborative civic coding, Chicago gathering

  Special event: Join us in Chicago on Tuesday, August 5 for information session on Poplus and learn about Open Twin Cities and service design as well. E-Democracy is a big supporter of the global Poplus civic coding federation. In particular, we are gearing up to help with strategic outreach for the highly interactive online group […]

Digital Outreach for Civic Hacking Awesomeness – National Day of Civic Hacking

Digital Outreach for Civic Hacking Awesomeness Practical ideas for promoting your local civic technology hackathon* Written for local National Day of Civic Hacking organizers by Steven Clift,  These strategies are based on twenty years of experience with online groups related to open gov/civic tech. This includes direct involvement with CityCampMN, Open Twin Cities, Hack […]

Connect with E-Democracy’s Steven Clift Across Europe – Nov 25 – Dec 2 2013

Now that CityCampMN and Give to the Max Day are behind us, I (Steven Clift) can focus intensively on preparing for a ten day speaking trip across Europe. This all started with an invite to participate in the World Forum and then others stepping forward to sponsor additional stops and gatherings. I am grateful. These […]

CityCampMN 2013 – Engaging Civic Innovations – Unconference Sat. Nov. 9 – St. Thomas Minneapolis Campus

 CityCampMN 2013 Live – Photos, News, Links CityCampMN 2013 Engaging Civic Innovations CityCampMN is our region’s unconference* for passion-fueled, technology-enhanced civic ideas and solutions. Join us to connect active citizens, community leaders, technologists, and government officials for a day of learning, discussing, and imagining how to use technology to strengthen communities and create more open government. Bring […]

Can you hear me now? The troublesome democratic divide online – Oct. 16 virtual gathering

Recently, the New York Times shared a story on the millions of Americans who remain unplugged. Our view is that democratic divide is much wider than the digital divide, so therefore we must proactively use civic technology to help build stronger and more inclusive communities and democracies and not wait for everyone to be online. […]

Drafting Now – Top Tips for Using Social Media for Local Community Recovery After a Disaster

  Please add your input to this draft guide:   Here is the draft introduction: What can you do with social media and online tools with your nearest neighbors to rebuild? As we move from emergency response to long-term recovery post-SuperStorm Sandy, here are tips generated with input from the experienced Locals Online community. […]

Top Six Tips for Networking Neighbors Online

On the first Tuesday of August, ten of thousands of neighbors will gather block by block across St. Paul and Minneapolis and around the United States as part of National Night Out, Nite to Unite, and other similar events. Crime prevention is the name, but in our view community building is the game. To leverage […]


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