St. Paul E-Democracy – Rondo Outreach

Podcasting 9/3/06 Members of St. Paul E-Democracy have launched an outreach program at the newly opened Rondo Community Outreach Library, in St. Paul. Every week, volunteers from St. Paul E-Democracy sit at a table answering questions about the internet and showing folks how they can use digital tools to voice their concerns.

In addition, they have scheduled weekly workshops on topics ranging from “how to set-up and e-mail account,” or “how to find things on the internet,” to “the power of digital video.”

At least once a month, SPED volunteers hope to make a podcast in the library. Ideally working with library patrons or local youth. Check out our first attempt, the SPED REPORT, a podcast about basic blogging.

The SPED Outreach Committee hopes to bring new voices into the St. Paul Issues Forum, but that is not its main purpose. The primary goal of the effort is familiarize St. Paul residents, with limited internet experience, on the many ways that they can use digital tools (including the internet) to improve their lives and become more engaged in the community.

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