Who is reading this blog?

The E-Democracy.Org project blog has been fairly active for about 6 weeks now. When Steve Clift set it up, I was a little bit skeptical about how useful it would be and whether or not it would be worth the time. It took me several weeks to post my first entry, but was hooked almost immediately. I’m bit ashamed to say, that this has been my first sustained effort at blogging – and I like it.

I like it, because it has great potential as the E-Democracy.Org voice to the outside world AND because it provides a good space to link our various projects together, without asking participants to join ONE MORE online group (or listserve). This should become the place where our enthusiastic supporters and volunteers come to get NEWS from the world of E-Democracy.Org.

Since I’ve started to use this blog, its become how really apparent how much incredible news and what great stories are emerging from our network that ought to be shared. This feels like the right place to do it. While I know that a few folks out there are reading the blog or have stumbled across it (and I recognize that it will take time for others to take their first taste), I am curious about who we are reaching so far. If you have a minute, please send me a quick email with some comments or feedback on:

    The fact that you are, or have at least once, checked our blog
    What kind of information do you find most useful in the E-Democracy.Org project Blog?

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Tim Erickson