Using Technology for Community Building – Webinar Hosted by Grassroots Grantmakers

I had the honor of being a “virtual” guest of Grassroots Grantmakers yesterday.

Listen and watch the presentation. Or click through the slides-only further below. The audio alone is available in MP3 format (~90 minutes).

If you are involved in local community building online or want to use these approaches and tools in your neighborhood, be sure to join your peers on our new Locals Online community of practice.


Click the word “Vimeo” to watch a larger version or the four arrows icon to go full screen.

And the slides without audio:

High Tech Meets High Touch: Using New Technology for Community Building (Webinar)
Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grassroots grantmaking is high-touch work in an increasing high-tech world.  We have seen what happens when citizen leaders get together in the same room for peer learning or dialogue on issues.  What new possibilities are opening up to further connect residents within and across neighborhoods using new technology? What is happening under the radar today and how can we make it more inclusive and benefit all communities?

Join us to talk with Steven Clift, Executive Director of, the cutting-edge national organization working on this question.  For some background now, see: and

8 thoughts on “Using Technology for Community Building – Webinar Hosted by Grassroots Grantmakers”

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  2. If you’re thinking about getting involved in something in your community, do it now. Work gets done by doing.

    A lot can happen quickly when people of similar interests come together.

  3. Hi,
    Very nice post, I like your video.
    It’s cool to use technology for community building.
    Thank you

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