Open Government – Knight News Challenge Q and A Video with John Bracken was honored to assist the Knight Foundation’s News Challenge road show on Open Government in St. Paul. Below is the video.

The deadline for submissions is March 18. They first launched with an “inspirations” phase in which Steven Clift with E-Democracy made a number of contributions.

For the event we had an impressive RSVP list and about a dozen last minute Central Corridor Neighbors Forum members who filled the slots for those unable to travel due to cold weather.

Here are the event details and attendee list:

Event Details

Please join the Knight Foundation, E-Democracy and the Saint Paul Public Library on Monday, March 4th at 11:30 am.

Free networking lunch at 11:30 am. Program begins at 12 pm.


John Bracken

Followed by brief updates:

  • Peter Edstrom

  • Anthony Schmitz, Anthony Schmitz

  • Harry Adler, Children’s Culture C

  • Marybeth Luing, Resources Wayfinder

  • Maria Doan

  • Frangena Johnson, Mustard Seed, LLC

  • Heidi Smith

  • Donna Evans,

  • Katina Mortensen, Grassroots Solutions

  • Christine ann Edwards, Metro Mommas

  • Carrie Davis,

  • Joan Pasiuk

  • Mark Ritchie, Secretary of State

  • Anne Carroll

  • Bill Bushey, E-Democracy

  • lela jackson, St. Paul Public Library
    Website: http:// SPPL

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