Gathering Minnesota’s voter-driven Internet storm … or Tagging brings us together

We’ve received awesome positive feedback about our “tagging” 2006 strategy for your Voter Voices section.

In short, folks uploading video on YouTube, pictures into Flickr, and links into are all using a unique new tag – mnpolitics – to mark content. We also suggest mn06video for YouTube and for items specific to the 2006 election, simply mn06.

We have more details instructions here as well as a new video screencast demonstration on how it works with YouTube, Flickr, and

By creating a community-wide tag for Minnesotans, particularly those producing their own political content, we’ve created nothing less than an organic citizen-driven channel for political news, commentary, humor, and discussion that will last for years at pretty much zero cost. Pretty darn cool!

How can you help?

1. Be creative. We don’t just want boring political ads from campaigns. Make your video. Be serious or be funny. Upload and tag it. The same goes for photos.

2. Tell ten friends about the Voter Voices page. The more traffic the greater incentive we’ll create for citizen contributions. Let’s blow the mainstream media away with compelling content.

3. Start tagging now. If you don’t have content to share, create a account and start tagging “shared” links. With only a dozen taggers, the Voter Voices page will become a daily must visit to find out what is new.

4. Volunteer to help. Net tagger David Erickson is going to help us spread the word to encourage this effort. Leave a public comment or contact us privately to volunteer at:

5. Attend our free training session next Tuesday, October 3 in St. Paul:


How to post your audio, video, and photos on the web
(specifically in regards to upcoming election)
5:00 – 6:00 PM – FREE
Electronic Classroom, Rondo Library
Corner of University and Dale, St. Paul

Reservations are NOT required, however it would be helpful
if you let us know if you think you are coming:

This workshop will talk about how to post your election
related content to FREE website like Flickr and YouTube,
and how to “tag” it so that it also shows up on our
Voter Voices web page.

Tagging in 2006!

Steven Clift

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