Year-End Appeal – Your Support Counts!

Greetings, Friend of E-Democracy!


Last year we raised over $5,000 from awesome supporters like you.

This year, with our vibrant online forums entering a post-grants phase, we need to keep them vital and raise $10,000 to cover hosting and user support. So far – with Give to the Max Day in Minnesota and #GivingTuesday around the world – 65 donors have generously donated $2,650. Please join their ranks.

For two decades, E-Democracy has helped everyday people make a difference in their local communities.

Be it the inspirational story of neighbors helping neighbors via the Corcoran Forum when an immigrant family’s Christmas and young daughter’s Birthday presents were stolen in Minneapolis or dynamic discussions in Oxford, England about community changes need to collectively improve local cyclists, pedestrian, and automobile safety for all, our next work generates good everyday.

Help us continue this work in the decades to come: Make a donation now.

We now host over 50 online community forums with nearly 28,000 members from all walks of life. We have demonstrated that all neighborhoods, regardless of income and racial/ethnic diversity, can be part of a neighborhood-level, online, integrated community — and benefit from that participation.

In addition, E-Democracy trains, coaches, and supports other organizations worldwide that seek to promote online civic engagement for the benefit of their communities. We are moving the field globally while pushing the envelope locally.

Today, E-Democracy is at a crossroads: We want to expand our reach AND make our ongoing work sustainable. We believe passionately that our service should remain non-profit and ad free. For 20 years we have funded this work through grants and ad hoc donations. But we need to build a more sustainable model to maintain and grow our services.

We need your financial support. We need every member to contribute something based on the value they receive.

Your contribution will help us:

  • Maintain and upgrade the technology our users rely upon.
  • Teach people how to access our services and use them effectively.
  • Recruit and support volunteers.
  • Remain open, inclusive and an alternative to completely advertising based models that impinge on your privacy.

Please support E-Democracy with a one-time or recurring donation at

All donations are tax deductible — and greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for your support.


E-Democracy Board of Directors

Melody Ng, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, Chair
Anne Carroll, St. Paul, Minnesota USA, Secretary
Mick Souder, Durango, Colorado, USA, Treasurer
Edward Andersson, Stockholm, Sweden
Joanne Caddy, Maisons Laffitte, Ile de France, FR
Mike Huggins, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA
Matt Leighninger, Hamilton, Ontario, CA
Mary Reid, Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, England, UK
Alan Rosenblatt, Arlington, Virginia, USA
Laura Waterman Wittstock, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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