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E-Democracy News


 May 2009 

Volume 1, Issue 5 


Around the Forums: New U.S. forums coming soon

Several new forums will be starting up in the coming months, including neighborhood forums in the United States and the rebirth of an effort to discuss politics nationwide in the U.S. There were several attempts about 10 or 15 years ago to provide a place to discuss politics beyond the local level, that were either unsuccessful or sporadic, but often, local participants are yearning for a place to discuss national issues that is beyond the blog model.

(UK and New Zealand groups – have you had any success with a national issues-based discussion online? Send them to

As for posting, budgets and financing government operations were prevalent in terms of issues folks were reacting to across the forums. Clearly the impact of the current economic situation has people talking about the short- and long-term effects. In addition, folks seem to be interested in collaborating to clean up parks, boulevards and other parts of the cityscape, regardless of locale. Posts organizing community gardens, cleanups, and fundraisers were also popular across the forums.

Click on the links below to read more conversations from the E-Democracy.Org forums.

Hot Topic: Water Costs

Hot Topic: City Report (condition of local bandstand)

Hot Topic: Disappearing pubs (carryover from April)

Hot Topic: Red Cow (pub) demolition

Hot Topic: Members of Parliament expenses 

Hot Topic: Oxford Bus Gate fines 

Hot Topic: Oxfordshire LINk 

Hot Topic: Cycling on pavement

Hot Topic: Community fair plans (several topics) 

Hot Topic: End of legislative session (several topics) 

Hot Topic: Survey on social networking 

Hot Topic: Alternative energy in northern Minnesota

Hot Topic: Healing run to Red Lake 

Hot Topic: All-terrain vehicle impact (several topics) 

Hot Topic: New forum manager 



Hot Topic: Foreclosure, landlords, demolition (several topics) 

Hot Topic: Somali immigrant relations

Hot Topic: Powderhorn food co-op 

Hot Topic: Franklin Avenue plans (several topics) 

Hot Topic: Problem properties and crime (several topics) 

Hot Topic: Victoria Street development

Hot Topic: Hockey rink development 

Hot Topic: Plans to close a school in the district

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