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Our New Logo

Written by Steven Clift


As a scrappy non-profit we tend to miss things like anniversaries. But I did some math and realized we are in our 15th year of online civic goodness. Wow. We tend to celebrate things like opening a new forum (8 in the last year) or increasing the number of participants in our existing forums.

It only seems appropriate that after 15 years we should have a logo and a great one at that. Thanks to some collaborative pro-bono work by Sassafras Creative of Los Angeles, we will be rolling this logo out across our network.

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3 Comments on Our New Logo

How about a 15 year, international gala? It could be hosted over the web where there were physical gatherings in MN, UK, and NZ at some conference site.

Hi Steve and e-Democ gang,
I live in Tampa, FL, your frogtown blog, is that for everyone or just in your area?
Like your new logo, your site and pretty much all your endeavors. Wish you all the best and much success–we depend on people as yourselves to get us, whether kicking and screaming, to ‘gently’ progress into the 21st; thank you,
a 501(c)(3) progressive nonprofit
Tampa, FL 33615


Any of our forums are open to any person. Since they are usually geographical based, few NON-residents join them. Most are current residents or hometowners.

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