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February 2010 E-Democracy News – Fundraiser

Written by news fundraiser nets more than $3,000 for was one of dozens of non-profit organizations that participated in the GiveMN.Org “Give to the Max” fundraising event in November 2009 that provided.

About 50 people from around the world donated to E-Democracy during the day-long event, raising more than $3,000. The funds will largely be devoted to’s participant support for more than 25 local Issues Forums and building connections in diverse communities. Our Participant Support lead Ed Davis (Ed works for us about 10 hours a week supported by your donations) is busy working to make all of our local forums available via Twitter and Facebook pages to reach more people.

Nearly 39,000 donors raised $14 million in the effort for Minnesota non-profit agencies.

Donations accepted and encouraged any day. They are crucial.

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