February 2010 E-Democracy News – GiveMN.org Fundraiser

GiveMN.org fundraiser nets more than $3,000 for E-Democracy.org

E-Democracy.org was one of dozens of non-profit organizations that participated in the GiveMN.Org “Give to the Max” fundraising event in November 2009 that provided.

About 50 people from around the world donated to E-Democracy during the day-long event, raising more than $3,000. The funds will largely be devoted to E-Democracy.org’s participant support for more than 25 local Issues Forums and building connections in diverse communities. Our Participant Support lead Ed Davis (Ed works for us about 10 hours a week supported by your donations) is busy working to make all of our local forums available via Twitter and Facebook pages to reach more people.

Nearly 39,000 donors raised $14 million in the effort for Minnesota non-profit agencies.

Donations accepted and encouraged any day. They are crucial.

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