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Forum Upgrades and Web Cleaning

Written by Steven Clift

We’ve been busy over the last month working on the back-end of E-Democracy.Org. Most of our technology investment is in our Forums site – – I’ll let Tim Erickson update you on the details. But, a huge thank you must go out to Tim and the crew at OnlineGroups.Net for the hundreds of hours being put into to providing our participants one of the best combined e-mail/web forum/groups experiences on the Internet. Someone recently commented to me that we’ve achieved the “holy grail” of e-mail and web forum integration.

I’ve started cleaning up the clutter that built up on our home page – it was so bad that now it is the start of a site map. I’ve cleaned up the “static” forum listing page which eventually will be incorporated into once we move our legacy MN-POLITICS forums off of YahooGroups. Next up will be a clean-up of our About section and a new site Donate tool.

Steven Clift
Board Chair

P.S. On my DoWire blog I reacted to a great David Wilcox post on e-mail list use for exchange among UK charity webmasters. It generated some buzz including some useful comments from Nancy White, an online communities guru.

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