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3333 Community Sparks – Copying Another Idea for Posterity

In 2013, the Forever St. Paul, $1 million idea challenge, put out a request for proposals. This is what we proposed. We are copying this into our blog for archival purposes. We still love the idea! Let us know if you want to make it happen or fund it.   3333 Community Sparks – Connect […]

100,000 Participants – Copying An Idea for Posterity

As our blog is a useful repository for content that will last for years, here is a copy of our intentionally audacious Knight News Challenge proposal from 2013. Elements of this may turn into future proposals, particularly if you have to a funder who is inspired b them and gets in touch. ūüôā ¬†Source. 100,000+ […]

Sharing Lessons – New Voices: Civic Technology, Neighbors Online, and Open Government – Video and Slides

E-Democracy hit the road to share lessons widely as we closed out an amazing 2013. In a recent trip to New York hosted by the UNDP¬†with outreach via¬†betaNYC, Steven Clift went in-depth on raising new voices with civic technology. Thanks to Joly MacFie with the Internet Society New York¬†for sharing this video.¬†To join a future […]

Can you hear me now? The troublesome democratic divide online – Oct. 16 virtual gathering

Recently, the New York Times shared a story on the millions of Americans who remain unplugged. Our view is that democratic divide is much wider than the digital divide, so therefore we must proactively use civic technology to help build stronger and more inclusive communities and democracies and not wait for everyone to be online. […]

¬°Junta con tus vecinos por el Internet con E-Democracy! (with English translation)

Last summer Dan Gordon of our summer outreach team wrote this article on BeNeighbors/E-Democracy for La Prensa. Below is the article in Spanish (on La Prensa) and below also in English. Note our BeNeighbors information page in Spanish. On a related note, we seek Spanish speaking volunteers as well as candidates for our current Latino […]

Join E-Democracy’s 2013 Inclusive Forum Engagement Team!

  MAR 19 UPDATE: Applications are coming in, but we need your help to spread the word in particular in the Latino and African-American communities.   Be an Inclusive Engagement Leader – Apply Now We believe in building strong, inclusive and connected neighborhoods. This can happen in many ways like having great public spaces such […]

E-Democracy’s Virtual Booth and Video from Knight Foundation Media Learning Seminar 2013

E-Democracy was honored to be part of the Knight Foundation’s Media Learning Seminar in 2013. This is a mobile phone video tour with our Executive Director Steven Clift. It was a living version of our 2012 St. Paul outreach year in review blog post. Handouts: Pictures in the Video Forum Stories St. Paul Year One […]

Meet Your Neighbors Online in San Francisco – Bay Area Workshop – Wed. Jan. 16 @ The Hub

Post Event –¬†Slides,¬†Audio (MP3) for Download¬†(1:45)   Neighbors Online: Connecting Communities for All Workshop San Francisco, Wed. Jan 16   Join us for a dynamic two part conversation on building inclusive online community engagement in neighborhoods. 1. Neighbors Online Networking – Bay Area and Beyond – Who is doing what locally? Multiple tools and models […]

Thousands of New Members Across St. Paul – BeNeighbors Outreach Highlights from 2012

View Album¬†– Large Slideshow What an exciting year! Thousands of St. Paulites have joined their new¬†local online Neighbors Forums (info)¬†and you can too. Last January, we announced our outreach campaign to inclusively connect 10,000 neighbors online across St. Paul by 2015. Our dynamic¬†10 member, part-time, summer outreach team,¬†led by our Outreach Coordinator¬†Corrine Bruning,¬†hit the […]

Neighbors Online Webinar: Connecting Communities 101 – Postponed – Register Now

Neighbors Online Webinar: Connecting Communities 101 Community Engagement Online for All – Introductory Webinar   Time and Date:¬†TO BE RESCHEDULED Place: Online Webinar/Teleconference – Details will be sent near event Cost: Free, Space is Limited – Free-will donations support outreach to lower income, diverse communities. REGISTER HERE Join us for a dynamic two part webinar […]


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