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Monthly Archive September, 2006

Gathering Minnesota’s voter-driven Internet storm … or Tagging brings us together

We’ve received awesome positive feedback about our “tagging” 2006 strategy for your Voter Voices section. In short, folks uploading video on YouTube, pictures into Flickr, and links into are all using a unique new tag – mnpolitics – to mark content. We also suggest mn06video for YouTube and for items specific to the 2006 […]

Press Release – All Candidates for Governor Agree to Nation’s Only Statewide Online Debate

For Immediate Release ALL CANDIDATES FOR MINNESOTA GOVERNOR AGREE TO NATION’S ONLY STATEWIDE ONLINE DEBATE MINNESOTA GUBERNATORIAL E-DEBATE TO RUN OCTOBER 9TH – 19TH GRAND RAPIDS, MN (September 28, 2006) The era of YouTube(TM) and MySpace(TM) meets Minnesota’s strong civic tradition of innovation, thanks to a new online debate with the gubernatorial candidates co-sponsored by […]

Minnesota Governor Candidates to Debate Online – E-Debate annoucement to share

All of the candidates on the ballot have officially confirmed their participation in the e-debate! Now we need to hear from more voters this week with their proposed questions: Watch this post for an update with text you can e-mail to others. Steven Clift E-Democracy.Org Here is the text that we ask you to […]

Voter Voices! Tag you’re it.

With our new Voter Voices section you can have a voice in Minnesotas elections via video, audio, pictures, blogs, shared links, and forums. By using services your already use like YouTube for video or Flickr for pictures and tagging based on our recommendations (mn06, mn06video, mnpolitics, minnesota, politics, election, etc.) you can make your voice […]

Send in your questions for Gubernatorial candidates today! First round deadline September 27

The e-debate is taking shape and the candidates are now responding to our official rules and timeline after all expressing tentative interest. If they sign on the dotted line for the Oct. 9-19 e-debate, what are we, the voters, going to do on our end? Send in questions, that’s what. To have your question/topic consider […]

Minnesota Governor Candidates in First Debate

Today MPR carried the first candidate debate with the three candidates leading in the polls hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. It will also be on KSTP (link pending) television. As the AP report noted, the “debate didn’t leave the candidates much room to spell out specific policies on health care, transportation, energy, education and […]

Minnesota Gubernatorial E-Debate Announced – Our call for volunteers, questions, and supporters

E-Debates are back. Election links are expanding. In this message … 1. Suggest Debate Questions 2. Voters Voices 3. Volunteers 4. E-Debate Supporters 5. Local Candidate and other Election Links E-Democracy.Org and media partners, with the support of the Blandin Foundation, are putting together an online debate among Minnesota’s candidates for Governor: – Link/blog […]

Exploring WordPress plugins

We’ve been downloading and testing a number of WordPress plugins. One simple plugin called Cat2Mail will allow local leaders to blog an announcement here and have it go automatically to their local Issues Forum. This is actually a test post of that feature.

We’re working on a Gubernatorial E-Debate in Minnesota

I’ll save the official notice for later, but check out our behind the scenes work.

PhoneBlogz post by E-Democracy

This is what the PhoneBlogz tool allows us to do.  We will use it to collect e-debate rebuttals.  We could also use it to gather other audio voter guide type content with volunteer interest. A PhoneBlogz message has been left by E-Democracy! Click here to listen to it! Flash movie looks like this: [audio:]


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