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Monthly Archive October, 2006

It’s The Network

I’m back at home after eleven days on the road. That’s eleven days of eating, speaking, and (yes) drinking E-Democracy.Org (I didn’t mention sleep, because I did very little of that on this trip). One of the most important aspects of a trip like this one, is that it really allows me to focus on […]

Building Momentum in Brighton & Hove

I arrived in Brighton & Hove yesterday afternoon and began my afternoon by meeting with Dan Jellenik a relatively recent addition to the E-Democracy.Org Board and co-chair of the Brighton & Hove E-Democracy steering committee. It was a great chance for us to catch up on some of the BIG strategic issues that E-Democracy.Org is […]

Who is reading this blog?

The E-Democracy.Org project blog has been fairly active for about 6 weeks now. When Steve Clift set it up, I was a little bit skeptical about how useful it would be and whether or not it would be worth the time. It took me several weeks to post my first entry, but was hooked almost […]

Putting the democracy in E-Democracy.Org

Yes, we’ve done it! We’ve finally got it together to design an online vote so everyone can express their views on whether or not we should relax the current forum message posting limit of two messages every 24 hours. [Issues forum – vote on the number of postings allowed! and user survey – Posted by […]

Wow. What an E-Debate

The Minnesota Gubernatorial E-Debate is a great success. While the candidates are done with their responses, this “on-demand” debate will be promoted through the election in November. At the Blandin Broadband conference I had a chance to talk with those who followed the e-debate via e-mail and the feedback has quite encouraging. In short, people […]

Fancy A Pint? Gathering in Newham

One of the keys to the success of any local Issues Forum, is the occasional gathering at a coffeeshop or pub, where various members of the forum can finally meet each other face to face. Its not enough to exchange verbal barbs and intellectual arguments, the real work of building community and strengthening local democracy […]

When the Issues Forum Becomes the Issue

I had very interesting experience this morning as I was browsing through the Roseville Issues Forum and ran accross the following message, Tax payer cost of this forum. Is it worth it? “this coming monday night the roseville city council will be taking a vote to spend $6000 of our taxpayer dollars to continue this […]

Place Matters 06

While Steve Clift has been attending the Minnesota Broadband Summit, I’ve been participating in the Place Matters 06 conference in Denver, Colorado. Yesterday, I presented the “Issues Forum” work of E-Democracy.Org as part of the “eParticipation: Technology and the Future of Collaborative Decision-Making” panel discussion (download powerpoint presentation here). This is a fascinating conference “where […]

Hello from Minnesota’s Broadband Summit

It is reception time at the Blandin Foundation’s Broadband Summit. We’ve been invited to present tomorrow on the results of the e-debate. In fact I am processing the rebuttals right now over the conference’s wi-fi network. Say, over on the e-debate we have highlighted some of the buzz we’ve received in the media and across blog land. Steven […]

Hot Topics: Olympics Mega Mosque in Newham

Plans to build the largest mosque in Europe, in Newham, have generated much discussion in the Newham Issues Forum over the last few weeks. The discussion is fueled by some participants concern that the organization planning to build the mosque is accused of having ties to terrorist organizations. Recently, the “olympics mega mosque” topic in […]


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