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Monthly Archive November, 2006

Building anywhere, any time democracy full-time – 3 year Ashoka Fellowship

Last night I was hanging out with a billionare shooting the breeze about the agenda-setting power of local online communities. OK, Sergey Brin was speaking on stage and I was in the front row, but I did talk with a number of folks from Google and others including one of founders of eGroups (now YahooGroups). […]

Steven Clift inducted as Ashoka Fellow

Its a big day for E-Democracy.Org. After years of volunteering for E-Democracy.Org as a sideline to his professional consulting with governments on e-democracy and e-government issues, Steve Clift has now gotten a three year Ashoka fellowship to support his work directly for E-Democracy.Org. Coming on the heels of our involvement in the UK Local E-Democracy […]

Gathering e-democracy leaders in Montreal, Silicon Valley, Estonia, Finland, Denmark and The Netherlands

The rest of November will be crazy for me with a number of speaking engagements and e-democracy gatherings. Listen to my 20 minute Citizens 2.0 keynote practice run for Montreal. My goal with the gatherings in addition to general networking is to share our excitement about Issues Forums and see who might like to join […]

Wild Day in Minneapolis Issues Forum

Its been a crazy couple of days in the Minneapolis Issues Forum, with (by my count) 111 different individuals posting a total of 203 messages over the course of three days. On election day (Nov. 7th) there were 79 posts! While, we don’t have any official record, this is by far the most active day […]

Steve Clift Keynote at IAP2 in Montreal

(Photo by Louis Blaise, found by doing a search on Flickr. I sure hope its really Montre├íl!) Just a quick note to let folks know that both Steve Clift and I will be appearing at the IAP2 conference in Montre├íl next week. Steve will be one of the keynote speakers, speaking at 8:45 on “The […]

Bright Ideas in Newham

(For more video clips from the Bright Ideas conference in Newham, visit Designing for Civil Society, by David Wilcox) Last week E-Democracy.Org Issues Forums came up as a subject of discussion at the Bright Ideas conference sponsored by the Newham Council. Dan Jellinek, co-chair of the Brighton & Hove Issues Forum steering committee and member […]

The Tagging Continues

In October, E-Democracy.Org (with the support of the Blandin Foundation) hosted an online gubernatorial debate, which in turn led to our Voter Voices initiative. Weeks after the online debate, the Voter Voices project continues to generate BUZZ on the internet. Today, I found one of my own contributions to the Voter Voices project being linked […]

Canterbury (includes Christchurch) New Zealand Exploring Issues Forums

Our friends in New Zealand, including Dan Randow with OnlineGroups.Net, held a public meeting on the potential of a regional public Issues Forum for the Canterbury region which includes Christchurch. A couple of years ago I met with a room full of interested citizens on a cold July winter Sunday at one of their libraries. […]

A New Sheriff in Town?

In the St. Paul Issues Forum, the big topic in the forum, of late, has been the local Sheriff’s race. Its been a very long campaign and the Sheriff’s race has been an ongoing issue in the forum since last December, when the local police union voted to endorse Fletcher and the president of the […]


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