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Monthly Archive June, 2007

Survey – Future for E-Democracy.Org and local Issues Forums – Deadline June 22

Big questions. What matters to you with your local Issues Forums? Do you think Issues Forum members should be charged a subscription fee to participate? What about advertising? How should E-Democracy.Org best fund our efforts and what should communities get in return? What new initiatives do you think we should tackle together? What would inspire […]

What’s our mission and goals?

For those who just finished our strategic planning survey, THANK YOU and welcome to our overall project blog. On the right you can sign-up to receive e-mail updates on future blog posts. This is a good way to keep up on organization-wide news. Sometimes it is important to remind ourselves what we are about. It […]

UK report endorses Issues Forums, Brighton and Hove seeks to deepen model with Innovations Fund application

A snappy new report on e-democracy tools used in Bristol is introducing Issues Forums to communities across the UK. Unlike most countries where local governments are almost exclusively focused on one-way e-services (boring), in the UK there are a number of local and national initiatives to improve democracy online (connect with leaders here). The 65 […]


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